Cannabium is an oil made of high-quality fibre hemp with guaranteed phytosubstances, flavonoids and terpenes content.
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Why cannabium?

Cannabium is a result of an original method of obtaining oil from hemp. It contains only natural phytosubstances found in fibre hemp.

Cannabium is a combination of organic oil from fibre hemp seeds and naturally occurring phytosubstances, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll and other natural compounds that improve the condition of our bodies.

Obtained from nature

Cannabium does not contain any synthetic substances, it is a completely natural product, which guarantees its nutritional effect.

Tested in a laboratory

Every batch of our products undergoes specialised laboratory analyzes using the highest quality chromatographic equipment.

Phytosubstances content

We have made every effort to provide the consumer with a product with a strictly defined phytosubstances and other components content.
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