Polish manufacturer of fibre hemp seed oils

We are a Polish company producing oils from industrial hemp seeds (Cannabis Sativa L.) containing the full spectrum of phytosubstances, terpenes, flavonoids and other natural compounds.

our products

How do we operate?

Our laboratory has a huge technological potential and is equipped with the most modern equipment allowing for safe and fully ecological processing of industrial hemp. The raw materials we use in production come from the best Polish and European crops, meeting all safety and quality standards of the European Union. Thanks to the technology developed by our specialised team of professors and doctors in chemistry, pharmacy and medicine, Cannabium products retain the maximum amount of nutritional substances and are characterized by the highest efficiency.

Our quality

Each batch of our products is subjected to specialistic laboratory analyses on top quality chromatographic equipment. Thanks to the innovative technology, we carry out very thorough research, which allows us to clarify the content of not only phytosubstances, but also other very important compounds found in the plant, such as terpenes and flavonoids. Such accuracy is able to guarantee a product rich in all the valuable components of fibre hemp, which is of great importance in the nutritional context.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the highest quality hemp seed oil, the natural essence of the plant. We do not use any synthetic substances, we do not add cannabinoids to artificial preparations, we do not use harmful solvents.

Our services

We provide services in the field of industrial hemp processing. We invite everyone interested in our own line of products containing the full spectrum of phytosubstances, as well as specific laboratory services, to contact us.

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