cbd, and epilepsy

Epilepsy is a syndrome of neurological disorders that result from the malfunction of nerve cells in the cortex. Usually, the abnormalities consist of spontaneous, uncontrolled and excessive bioelectrical discharges in the structure of cells and are manifested in violent epileptic seizures, i.e. strong body shocks. It is these shockss that we most often accosiate epilepsy with.

During most frequently diagnosed seizures, there is a loss of consciousness, severe muscle tension, falling and convulsions of the head and limbs. However, the disease can also manifest itself in a different way. 40% of patients suffer from seizures, which include loss of consciousness and falling, temporary muscle spasm or short-term immobilization of the patient. Such episodes are repeated, often disturbing the normal, everyday functioning. They are also a reason for stigmatization and social isolation, difficulties in getting education and work.

Although seizures themselves are usually not life threatening, they can occur in potentially dangerous circumstances (e.g. when bathing, working with dangerous devices and machines, sharp tools, hot products, etc.). In those cases, loss of consciousness may result in drowning, mutilation, burns. Falls and possible head hits during seizures are also risky.

In many cases, modern medicine is not able to clearly determine the causes of the disease or effectively deal with its symptoms. It is recognized that sometimes epilepsy is the result of brain tissue damage, injury, tumor, hemorrhage or stroke. Sometimes it has a genetic background. It is one of the most common neurological disorders. As many as 65 million people suffer from it worldwide.

Unfortunately, epilepsy is usually regarded as an incurable disease. Doctors prescribe anticonvulsants, which you must take regularly for a long period, and often throughout your life. These remedies alleviate the symptoms but cause undesirable side effects. That is why many patients decide to stop the treatment. Sometimes a proper diet will help. A well-selected diet reduces the risk of seizures, but rarely eliminates them completely.

Unfortunately, there are also varieties of disease in which almost all forms of treatment fail. So patients are looking for new remedies that would be helpful in fighting the disorder. Many of them choose supplements based on medicinal cannabis extracts. Numerous studies conducted around the world prove that cannabidiol CBD obtained from hemp has a relaxing, anticonvulsant effect and, what is important, unlike THC, it does not show psychoactive properties. Scientific observations are confirmed by the patients themselves who use this type of means. Many doctors also notice the benefits of CBD. That is why they decide to implement this type of treatment, especially if traditional methods fail (drug-resistant epilepsy). For the most part, CBD can significantly reduce the number of seizures, and thus reduce the discomfort faced by the epileptic and his family.

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