cbd dosage

CBD dosage

CBD is still new on the market, so among the questions about the benefits of taking the supplement, one of the most frequent of such questions concerns dosage. Let us focus on the facts. First, it should be noted that there are no ready answers or official guidelines for a specific daily dosage of CBD. It is the consumer who decides how much substance he is going to take, using various criteria or consulting a doctor.

How to dose CBD then?

Individually. It is worth starting with the classification according to the following criteria that will help in choosing the right dose:
- weight
- tolerance to active substances
- the goal you want to achieve
- general health

Below we have prepared a table that suggests daily CBD intake, taking into account some of the above criteria (weight and purpose). Every organism is different and reacts to active substances in a different way. Also, every organism has a different bioavailability of the substance, which is why the other two criteria can be easily determined by self-observation.

Person's weight
Person's weight
Person's weight
Mild 1
3,75mg - 6mg+
7,5mg - 12 mg+
6mg - 7,5mg+
7,5mg - 18mg+
7,5mg - 10mg+
12mg - 20mg+
Troublesome 3
12mg - 18mg+
18mg - 24 mg+
18mg - 24mg+
24mg - 32mg+
22mg - 30mg+
32mg - 40mg+
Strong 5 24mg - 40mg+ 32mg - 60mg+ 42mg - 60mg+

* check on the packaging how many mg of CBD is in 1 drop of the Oil.
Mild - standard dose / supplementation
Troublesome - therapeutic dose
Strong - medical dose
In the absence of any results after 7 days of using the product, please increase the dose by one level, e.g. from the first level (3.75mg - 6mg) to the second level (7.5mg - 12 mg)


Start with small doses

It is important not to copy the dosage taken by a person of similar age, weight and with a similar health condition. What helps such person, does not neccessarily help other people meeting similar criteria. What's more, the physiological changes that occur within the human body throughout the life are the reason why the optimal dose for every person varies with age. Therefore, it is best to start with a small dose of oil and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired results. The information on the bottom of the table explains how to increase your CBD intake accordingly.

Side effects

During clinical trials, side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and sleep disorders have occurred. However, they occurred after taking large doses of medical CBD, which in our table are at level 5 of the classification of the state of health (severe neurological and autoimmune diseases).

CBD and other drugs

Let us recall that with a number of benefits brought by CBD oil supplementation, at the same time it is not a psychoactive substance, it is not addictive and rarely causes side effects. However, it is worth discussing his possible interaction with other drugs. Well, CBD taken in high doses affects the functioning of the P450 cytochrome. The enzyme is responsible for metabolizing toxic substances in the liver, including 60% of the drugs we take. But how do you know which drugs are affected by CBD? Because CBD interacts with the P450 cytochrome similarly to furanocoumarin and bergamotin contained in grapefruit, we can easily check whether CBD reacts with the drugs we take by performing the commonly known 'grapefruit test'. If we know that our drugs should not be combined with grapefruit, most likely we can not take CBD in high doses.

Consultation with a doctor

However, it is worth remembering that consultation with a doctor is recommended in case of any supplementation. The information in this article should not be used instead of individual medical advice.

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